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East Midlands Edition

West Midlands Senior Special

Dear reader,

We’re thrilled to have worked with some of the East Midland’s best healthcare consultants to bring you this first edition of Your Health Choices magazine. 

Inside you’ll find a wealth of useful information and advice on a range of common health conditions and the latest treatments and technologies available to treat them. We’re also incredibly proud to bring you inspiring stories from surgeons who have performed pioneering operations for the first time in the region. 

All of the consultants featured in the issue are open to enquiries using the contact details they have each provided in their articles, and are also listed alongside others in our useful ‘Health Directory’ on page 32.

Finally, we wish all of our readers the best of health and thank you for your support. 

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New treatments for varicose veins
Dealing with varicose veins can be easier than ever thanks to less invasive treatments with a quicker recovery time. 

The common causes of shortness of breath plus when you should see a doctor and seek specialist assessment.

Pioneering spinal surgery in the heart of Nottingham
Insight on new minimally invasive surgeries that are available to help adults and children with spinal deformities and painful back conditions.

Cataract surgery
What to expect when undergoing cataract surgery, and information on lens replacement technologies offering heightened vision.

Meet the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist

ENT Consultant Mr F Javed Uddin answers a Q&A on nasal polyps and discusses new advances in sinus surgery.

Mental health in later life

Common mental health issues in the elderly, and when you should consider seeing an Old Age Psychiatrist. 

AGE UK in the East Midlands

An overview of the services that are available to those needing help and support in the region. 

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