Build your strength from
the inside out

Align your body mind and spirit for the most complete workout.

Fitness is so much more than how far you can run on a treadmill or how many sit up drills you can complete. When we are truly ‘fit’ our bodies, minds and spirits are all in tune with each other. Regular exercise can contribute, but good mental health, fulfilment of our spiritual needs and being part of positive social experiences are all necessary components of feeling at our best!

Do you want to feel good as well as look good?

Most people taking regular exercise don’t want to just improve how they look, but also use the benefits of exercise to help improve how they feel. Whilst in most cases there is nothing wrong with hard work in the gym, exercise does not need to be painful! Rather than imposing stress on our bodies, why not enjoy improving strength and endurance, and experiencing a much-needed sense of calm and relaxation at the same time?

Pilates could be the answer…using techniques that keep the whole body fit, encouraging deep relaxation, and introducing a more multi-dimensional physical balance.

Research has proven that developing the relationship between body and mind that is central to pilates practice impacts positively on our body’s physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Essentially it builds strength from the inside out.

Give you brain a workout too

This ‘holistic’ approach is what sets pilates apart from many other forms of exercise. The benefits however don’t end there, as pilates is also proven to help keep your brain active with age. When executing moves that require a specific correlation between thought and movement, you are using brain cells that may otherwise die with time. This in turn leads to a heightened sense of awareness of our bodies and minds, increasing our satisfaction with life and enabling us to feel less pain and increase our mobility.

100 years of experience

Nearly 100 years after its introduction, pilates is still proven to be one of the most rewarding and challenging forms of exercise. It enables us to understand what it means to feel truly fit and well – physically, mentally and spiritually, going so much deeper than achieving a distance run or lifting a weight above your head. Even if you’re happy with your physical fitness, perhaps it’s time to challenge your mental, emotional and spiritual fitness too and try a pilates class!

Article written by Sarah Janes: Pilates instructor and wellbeing coach based in the West Midlands

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