There are a total of 37 libraries across Birmingham that you can visit. Each has many services that may be of interest to you and your family. In this article we provide useful information on visiting, becoming a member and other activities your local library can provide.

Local library services

How to join


To become a member of the library is free. All that you need to do is visit your local library, or if you have internet access you can also join online. To join you will be required to show proof of your name and current address.


Borrowing, renewals and reservations


To borrow items you must bring your library card with you! 

You will be able to borrow (where available):
- 10 books or talking books for up to 4 weeks
- 8 music CDs for 2 weeks
- 5 DVDs (top Title DVDs for 2 nights and all other DVDs for a week)
- 4 CD-Roms for 1 week
- 4 Open Learning packs
Some items incur a fee (to find out about fees please phone the number provided at the bottom of the article). If you are looking for a particular item and it is not available, you may reserve it online, in person or by telephone.

Renewing items is quick and easy to do, this can be done over the phone, online or in person. You are able to renew your items up to a maximum of 3 times. If you would like to phone make sure you have your library card and items to hand.

Events, clubs and activities

Libraries have various clubs, activities and events for the local community to attend.  These range from coffee mornings, book clubs and reading groups to advice on life skills and circumstances. To find out about events or clubs near you, it is advisable to telephone your local library or look online (details provided at the end of this article). Below is a selection of events at libraries in the North Birmingham area - although please note these may be subject to seasonal change and you must check days and times with the library direct.

Sutton Coldfield Library (0121 464 2274):
Police beat surgery
Family history

Erdington Library (0121 464 0798):
Bookwormer’s reading group
Crime fiction reading group
Aspects of the economy

Mere Green Library (0121 464 4592):
Reading group

Walmley Library (0121 464 1842):
Coffee morning
Reading group
Crime reading group

Boldmere Library (0121 464 1048):
Booklover’s reading group
Police drop in session

For general enquiries contact:
Tel: 0121 242 4242