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Why health professionals recommend pilates

The tried and trusted workout that can help rehabilitate and prevent injury.

It is no coincidence that Osteopaths, GPs, Physiotherapists and others in the healthcare community recommend Pilates as a long term treatment for those experiencing ongoing physical pain and difficulty with movement. Regardless of age or ability, practising Pilates is proven to help restore balance in the body as well as improve physical function and relieve pain. Plus, having been around since the 1920’s it is an incredibly tried and trusted approach to exercise that offers reassurance and piece of mind amongst other fitness ‘crazes’ that come and go.


A Pilates workout introduces you to an entirely new way of experiencing your body and its movement thanks to a focus on precision and control, with an underlying emphasis on technique. It helps ‘re-train’ muscles where bad habits or injury have created problems leading to pain or loss of function, and can also make you less susceptible to future injury!


Each carefully executed movement can help lengthen short or tight muscles, strengthen longer muscles, and create a balance between muscle groups. This is not limited to one particular anatomical area, as Pilates is proven to help those with problems across the whole body, including the hips, back, knees and shoulders.


In addition to being suitable for those with injuries or health problems, Pilates can also be an excellent routine addition for those in training to reach a specific physical goal or challenge their athletic ability. Elite athletes credit Pilates to increased core strength and stability that allows them to generate more power in their performance!


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Article written by Sarah Janes: Pilates instructor and wellbeing coach based in the West Midlands